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FRESHBOOK is a dedicated professional shopping resource for all Completion Centers, Designers and Specifiers of business and VVIP jet aircraft. We host the largest and most complete array of top cabin supplier groups from around the world - and our sole reason for being, is to make your job easier and above all, keep you FRESH and up to date on the latest interior products entering the marketplace. can visit our site anytime or keep our tab open - and we hope you do. But by signing up, you will automatically receive an alert every time a supplier rolls out a new product or announces a new line.

And our subscription is PRIVATE; meaning we vet every signup to ensure our subscription base is only made up of legitimate, recognized Designers, Completion Centers and Specifiers within our industry. This ensures that when we send updates, announcements etc, it is only going to verified companies within the aviation interiors community - just like yours. Also as a subscriber, you have your own dashboard allowing you to speak directly with other members, post a blog, update your contact info, and if you're a Cabin Supplier Group, select from four options to have your company represented on FRESHBOOK .

FRESHBOOK'S vetted subscriber base is a community - the same ones you see at the trade shows each year, and emerging new companies that are growing and richening our community. Join us and become a part of something that's never existed before. 

Welcome. We're a private subscription base.