• All plans are ANNUAL: (excepting 90-Day Free Trial option) All benefits listed in each paid plan, extend for a full YEAR (12 months)

  • Your Start Date: Effective date is the day your ad first publishes (not your purchase date) and will not be eligible for renewal for 365 calendar days.

  • Renewals are NEVER automatic, always optional. We will remind you when your ad term is almost up. Renewals made prior to the end date will simply extend seamlessly and begin a new one-year term. Renewals made beyond your end date and after your ad has been removed, will require a $70.00 reposting fee.

  • Rate Increases We reserve the right to make rate adjustments at any point. However rate increases will only ever take effect at the beginning of your next term, and only on your acceptance. Any / all rate increases will be posted to all paid subscribers simultaneously.

  • Member Dashboard: As a paid subscriber (either Premium, Boutique Premium or Trial Premium), you will have your own dashboard, from which you can manage your account, upload your ad images, leader text, update your ad and more.

  • Your Ad Layout: All final published ads will be laid out one of our internal designers. This is so we can regulate and conform to our style / consistency policy - thus insuring our users of a uniform aesthetic and layout conformity across the site.

  • Your Ad Image: We accept ONE (1) image per ad. (However you can change your image out as required to keep your ad fresh or represent new products). In all cases, your selected image should be very high-quality - free of imperfections, pixelation etc. This is required both in presenting your company at the highest levels and maintaining a consistent quality representation across our site.  In terms of size & resolution, please submit at: 1900 pixels W X 1290 H @ 100-144 dpi.

  • Your Ad's Leader text must be 50 characters or less. Secondary text can be up to 130 characters. Both are regulated within your dashboard fields.

  • Your Ads External Links: There are always THREE displayed icons in the lower right corner of your ad; one is for your video link (if you have one), one that links customers via email direct to your primary sales contact (or whomever you choose for initial customer query) and lastly a site link to your product page. The site link is so that users visiting your ad can go directly to the specific product(s) being promoted within your ad. Freshbook is all about putting the latest and greatest new products in front of the companies who are constantly in search of that freshness. Therefore we encourage all Premium members (display advertisers),  to focus on their newest releases or significant product updates - and direct customers to that specific product page. We want them to have quick, easy and direct access to that information first. Ultimately however, it's entirely up to you how you configure your ad and where within your site, it links to. But if you do link to a specific product page, always make sure users can access the rest of your site.


  • Ad Placement, Visibility & Rotation:  As a Premium member, there are THREE places where your ad can show up. The first is within your category page. This is your ongoing permanent display for the full term of your Premium subscription. Although it's super easy for any user to find a company by simply scrolling, we realize the top position is always the most desirable. We therefore ROTATE all ads weekly so that placement visibility is equitably distributed. The rotation takes place every Sunday evening - wherein the bottom ad in each category is brought to the top position, allowing others to fall in descending order, repeating the process each week. Beyond your permanent category ad, there are two other high-visibility areas in which you can be seen. Both are reserved for NEW PRODUCT ROLLOUTS and are described in the section below. 

  • New Rollouts: Bringing our designers and completion centers fresh, new products is what we're all about! Every time you rollout a new product or announce a significant product update - your ad is placed in the queue for feature on our rotating home screen. Once there, your new rollout will stay for a period of not less than 21 days.  Lastly when launching a new rollout, you also are automatically displayed at the top of the queue within our ROLLOUTS section. This is one of the truly great values in becoming a Premium member and bears no additional cost- so always keep your latest and greatest coming! See Rollouts

  • Vetting: All companies will be vetted to ensure that we only represent companies that are legitimate well respected aviation interior supplier groups. In many cases we will already be familiar with your company, but if not, the vetting process will never require more than 2 business days.

  • Duel Section Representation: There are a few instances where we have the same category listed in both supplier sections (Design Suppliers and Technical Suppliers  - e.g. In-Flight Entertainment, Seating Systems). If your company is in one of those categories, you will automatically be represented in both sections - no additional cost.

  • Multiple Categories:  Does your company have multiple independent divisions? (e.g. Honeywell - Galley Systems, Lighting, IFE etc). If so, as a PREMIUM subscriber, you can purchase one or more alternate display listings in a second or third category at sharply reduced rates. Simply return to the Participation Options for details. Alternate listings are only extended to companies with active full-rate PREMIUM subscriptions. Eligibility is restricted to clearly defined, wholly separate divisions of the same company or a parent company. Any/all subsequent representations must fit squarely into the alternate category(s) being sought.


Still need additional information, don't hesitate to reach out:  or by phone  +1 (214) 415-3492  (U.S. Mountain Time)