Recent Testimonials

"WOW! Great job on Freshbook. This feels really good and gives a formal voice to aircraft designers and component providers".

                                                                          -Vince Restivo - MENTE Group


"I really liked the quality, images and overall layout of Freshbook - well done"

                                                                         - Robert Welch - Jelani Designs


"The idea of such a book is definitely a good and useful resource for our industry"

                                                                         - Agnus Gulu - PierreJean Studio


"I believe it is a great idea and initiative to regroup all innovations/new products for VIP cabin inside one book"


                                                                          - Thibaut Nillès /  M&R Design - Switzerland


Freshbook issue looks super! Well designed and interesting! Such a great idea for our industry.

                                                                          - Cheryl Pelly - Cheryl Pelly Design


Congratulations! FRESHBOOK is amazing. The graphics and color scheme are perfectly chic! The content interesting and eloquent!

                                                                          - Brenda Lois / LILOU of Italy


"The opening paragraph is so on point! Love the layout as well. I think we at ACS and the community at large will benefit from Freshbook"

                                                                          - Rick Routley / Aircraft Cabin Systems